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Culinary History Links

Circles of Culinary Historians

Culinary Historians of Ann Arbor

The Foodways Group of Austin

Culinary Historians of Chicago

Harvard University Dining Services Food Literacy Project

Historic Foodways Society of the Delaware Valley

New Orleans Culinary History Group

Culinary Historians of New York,

Culinary Historians of Southern California, and page down, or try their list

Culinary Historians of Washington, DC

Culinary Historians of Ontario

Joe Carlin's (somewhat dated) list of addresses and phones

Food History Websites

The Food History Timeline, Lynne Olver's great links

Not by Bread Alone, Cornell Library's 2002 virtual exhibit on culinary history.

www.foodbooks.com Joe Carlin's online store, but with many recipes and links and much information as well.

www.historycooks.com Mary Gunderson, author of The Food Journal of Lewis & Clark, maintains this site for her many books, with online lessons in American historic cooking.

www.aliceross.com Hearth-cooking authority and teacher Alice Ross includes a collection of her articles on antique cooking and antique kitchen equipment.

Food at 24fps is a semi-regular series, located in Cambridge, MA, screening classic and/or obscure films about food. Food meisters, chefs, and other generally interesting people who enjoy the pleasures of the table introduce each film. Most screenings are free, and will be followed by appropriate refreshments when we can swing it. For full information about each film, schedule of screenings, directions, and screening times, visit our website: www.food24fps.com

Gastronomica Since 2001 Gastronomica has been feeding readers' sensual and intellectual appetites by ofering food-focused scholarship, fiction, poetry, humor, and exciting visual imagery.

Historic Cookbooks Online

"Feeding America" 76 American cookbooks from the collection of Michigan State University, also a gallery of cooking tools, and a glossary online.

www.foodsville.com Applewood Books has started this new site with 172 Pre-1923 American cookbooks, and more to come.

The Fons Grewe Collection: Barcelona library site in Spanish, but includes English and Italian books as well, organized by 16th, 17th, and 18th century.

Thomas Gloning's collection of medieval-to-modern dietary texts, in many languages, including English, French, Italian, etc.

Henry Notaker's "Old Cookbooks and Food History," mostly Norwegian texts in English translations, also links to other sites.

The Book of Household Management, by Mrs. Beeton.

Cookery, by Amy G. Richards, Montreal, 1895, from Canadiana Online.

The Thorough Good Cook, by George Augustus Sala, 1896.

University of Pennsylvania, cooking manuscripts online, Doro Petrie's 1705 British ms.

Historic Recipe Collections

Civil War Interactive Cookbook,has transcriptions from period cookbooks by category.

Internet Open Directory World Cuisines page of links to historic recipe sites, ancient, medieval and Victorian, almost all the links work.

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